The all-rounder

Whether indoors or outdoors, our standard U-frames are ideal for internal transport even in tight spaces. The trolleys are inserted at ground level without great effort. This means that even larger loads can be transported ergonomically through the factory.

Fully loaded tugger train at Greiner Bio One

Platform trailer

The all-rounder

If the trolleys cannot be adapted to the tugger train, the tugger will adapt to the trolley. The platform trailer can accommodate them all effortlessly, even if the loads are larger.


The cost-efficient all-rounder

If you want to have a shorter tugger train for many load carriers, a multi-frame is the right choice. Especially the Double-U-Frames can offer a cost-efficient alternative.

Special vehicles

If you think different

You have an idea how to bring special load carriers through the plant with a great tracking stability? Contact us, we will make it possible!

Accessories and options

Not everyone is satisfied with the stand wheel version. Whether street lighting or remote control, we offer a wide range of extras for you!