IFOY Award 2018

Incredible journey of the industry newcomer

Wegard GmbH participated in the prestigious IFOY-Award in 2018 with the Wegard Trail tugger train system and won in the category “WAREHOUSE TRUCK”. IFOY-Award (International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year Award) was founded in 2013 and is awarded annually in several categories. Over the years, more and more categories were added, with an increasing emphasis on intralogistics. All competitors go through several rounds, focusing on the degree of innovation and the market relevance of the solutions. In addition, the industrial use of the solutions is simulated by a stress test. Especially the modularity and expandability of the Wegard Trail were rated as very innovative. In addition, higher tracking accuracy leads to better space utilization and also more flexibility.

The evaluations of an international team of jurors are then analyzed. Wegard GmbH was the first start-up to win the IFOY Award. The award was presented at the ceremony at CeMAT in Hanover.

The IFOY award was followed very closely in the international media, which allowed us to become known on the international market and help customers from abroad to optimize their logistics.

Further publications on the IFOY Award can be found here: https://www.ifoy.org/ifoy-2018