Special vehicles

We are also available for the most unusual ideas!

Wegard Trail axles can be used not only in tugger trains. Due to the autonomous steering, the outstanding directional stability can be an advantage in other transport tasks. The trolley will then be tailored to the customer’s requirements.

An example of a special order is the transport of beds in hospitals. The biggest challenge here is that the beds are very heavy and have to be transported through the narrow corridors of the hospital and also outside. Due to very long transport distances, a towing vehicle has to be used. In addition, a fold-out ramp is used to relieve the driver. All these requirements could be implemented cost-effectively within the scope of a development project. The steering algorithm can also be adapted for other steering geometries and operating conditions. In addition, our system can be used with any towing vehicle and a variety of the supply voltage.

Our autonomous steering axle is also in demand by integrators for customized products. Here, the integrator optimizes the load transport and we take care of the directional stability and the outstanding use of space.